Ground Control to Major Tom

I went back to the Apple Store tonight. I’d been checking out people’s uploaded pictures of the store throughout the day, and saw that many more people had left their memorials at the store on this first full day after Steve Jobs’ death. I wanted to experience these, but also felt like I had unfinished business from yesterday.

So I went and stayed till midnight. Indeed, there were more people and a lot more offerings since yesterday.

My note from yesterday was nestled among all its new neighbors.

The sticky note messages were like snowfall.

Today’s visit helped. I started to settle into the habit of this new natural state of Steve Jobs. Still around, but a little differently than before. The store didn’t seem quite as gloomy as it did last night with just a few flowers and messages and a handful of people there just to photograph. Today, a proper delivery seemed to have been made. I could proceed to reflect on why this man has had such an impact on me, his lessons, and their implications for the things I want to do. I sat on a fire hydrant and ruminated.

Finally, I felt light enough, relieved enough to start to find delight in this message recalling Steve Jobs’ Pixar legacy:

This was a wonderful image to end my two loss-filled days with — Steve, ever-foolish, rocketing around in interstellar space challenging this time the bounds of the universe… and making sure to give it some well-placed dents.

2 thoughts on “Ground Control to Major Tom

  1. We are rarely that close to someone who had such a profound influence on us – right down to actually making us say “wow.” Your tribute is fitting.

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